Technology or Domain Agnostic Automation Services


IT Staffing Services

At KommForce Solutions, we bring our clients the best of the industry has to offer. That’s why, we develop strong relationships with clients that complement and enhance KommForce solutions, Staffing services, and technology.

Web Automation

Speed up the creation, execution, and maintenance of your automated testing, CICD, Regression Run your cross-browser tests where you want them, on our grid or any Selenium-compatible grid.

API Automation

KommForce Team brings a hassle-free API testing automation platform for customers to speed up catching issues, CICD intergration, Regression runs to avoid bugs at api level of testing than UI level.

Mobile Automation

Our Appium, Selenium based automation services make customers quickly run their test cases with speed and accuracy to maintain high quality in application deliverables, we cover both IOS and Android.

Accessibility Automation

Most accessibility tests today are done manually — or not at all. Accessibility testing is not part of the lifecycle, and it usually isn’t automated. But it should be, our automation framworks and tooling solutions greatly help find bugs quickly.


Performance Automation

Our wide variety of performance software testing frameworks/tools used to test applications, measuring system behavior, and performance under load. It can simulate thousands of users concurrently using application software.


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